3.9. ZBarSymbolSet Class Reference

class ZBarSymbolSet
Inherits from:NSObject
Conforms to:NSFastEnumeration

A symbol set is a simple container for the symbols scanned from an image. It supports NSFastEnumeration, and not much else... Use it to iterate through the ZBarSymbol objects in a decode result set:

ZBarSymbolSet *symbols = image.symbols;
for(ZBarSymbol *symbol in symbols) {
    // process result

This class is a simple wrapper around a zbar_symbol_set_t C object (q.v.)

3.9.1. Properties

int count

The number of symbols in the set. (read-only)

const zbar_symbol_set_t* zbarSymbolSet

Retrieve the underlying C object instance. (read-only)

3.9.2. Instance Methods

- (id) initWithSymbolSet:(const zbar_symbol_set_t*)set

Initialize a symbol set wrapper, given the C object to wrap.

Set :The C object to wrap.
Returns :The initialized symbol set, or nil if an error occurred.

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