3.7. ZBarReaderViewDelegate Protocol Reference

class ZBarReaderViewDelegate
Inherits from:NSObject

This protocol, which must be implemented by the readerDelegate provided to a ZBarReaderView, is used to notify the delegate of new decode results.

3.7.1. Instance Methods

- (void) readerView:(ZBarReaderView*)readerView didReadSymbols:(ZBarSymbolSet*)symbols fromImage:(UIImage*)image

Called to notify the delegate of new decode results.

Note that the referenced image is a proxy for a video buffer that is asynchronously being converted to a UIImage, attempting to access the data will block until the conversion is complete.

Readerview :ZBarReaderView that scanned the barcode(s).
Symbols :ZBarSymbolSet containing the decode results.
Image :UIImage from which the barcode(s) were scanned.

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