Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
zbar::BusyErrorAll resources busy
zbar::ClosedErrorOutput window is closed
zbar::DecoderLow-level bar width stream decoder interface
zbar::Decoder::Decoder::HandlerDecoder result handler
zbar::ExceptionBase class for exceptions defined by this API
zbar::FormatErrorImage format error
zbar::ImageStores image data samples along with associated format and size metadata
zbar::Image::Image::HandlerGeneral Image result handler
zbar::ImageScannerMid-level image scanner interface
zbar::InternalErrorInternal library error
zbar::InvalidErrorInvalid request
zbar::LockingErrorLocking error
zbar::ProcessorHigh-level self-contained image processor
zbar::QZBarBarcode reader Qt4 widget
zbar::QZBarImageWrap a QImage and convert into a format suitable for scanning
zbar::ScannerLow-level linear intensity sample stream scanner interface
zbar::SymbolDecoded barcode symbol result object
zbar::Symbol::Symbol::PointImage pixel location (x, y) coordinate tuple
zbar::Symbol::Symbol::PointIteratorIteration over Point objects in a symbol location polygon
zbar::SymbolIteratorIteration over Symbol result objects in a scanned Image or SymbolSet
zbar::SymbolSetContainer for decoded result symbols associated with an image or a composite symbol
zbar::SystemErrorFailed system call
zbar::UnsupportedErrorUnsupported request
zbar::VideoMid-level video source abstraction
zbar::WindowMid-level output window abstraction
zbar::XDisplayErrorX11 display error
zbar::XProtoErrorX11 protocol error Logo

Copyright 2008-2010 (c) Jeff Brown

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