File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
include/zbar.hZBar Barcode Reader C API definition
include/zbar/Decoder.hDecoder C++ wrapper
include/zbar/Exception.hC++ Exception definitions
include/zbar/Image.hImage C++ wrapper
include/zbar/ImageScanner.hImage Scanner C++ wrapper
include/zbar/Processor.hProcessor C++ wrapper
include/zbar/QZBar.hBarcode Reader Qt4 Widget
include/zbar/QZBarImage.hQImage to Image type conversion wrapper
include/zbar/Scanner.hScanner C++ wrapper
include/zbar/Symbol.hSymbol C++ wrapper
include/zbar/Video.hVideo Input C++ wrapper
include/zbar/Window.hOutput Window C++ wrapper Logo

Copyright 2008-2010 (c) Jeff Brown

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