ZBar bar code reader

Source Code

This is the latest stable release:

Or you may prefer to clone the latest code from the Mercurial repository. See HACKING to find instructions for generating the build infrastructure.

The Python module is also available from PyPI

The Perl module is also available from CPAN

Ruby bindings are available separately on gemcutter. Thanks to Will Glynn for maintaining these at github.

Linux Binaries

Choose a package for your linux distribution:

Linux binary packages are maintained by your distribution; it is possible that the packages may lag slightly from our source releases.

Windows Installer

Note that the Windows port is in an unstable, testing phase. If you do try it out, please let us know how well it's working for you and open a support request if you encounter any problems.

The Windows Installation Guide has detailed instructions for installing and getting started with ZBar on Windows.

The Windows installer now includes pre-built binaries of the dependencies (ImageMagick et al). Copyright, license, and source code details for these libraries may be found in the README included with the distribution.

Windows binaries for the Python module are available from PyPI

iPhone App

The iPhone® App is available on the App Store.

See the ZBar iPhone App page for more detail and source links.

iPhone SDK

The SDK is provided as a separate binary package. This is the latest stable release:

Legacy Releases