ZBar bar code reader

ZBar Support

If you are having a specific problem, please open a new support request and attach any relevant images, build logs, etc that will help us understand the issue.
If you have more general questions or comments, or would just like to discuss the project, post a message in one of our forums
Check on the wiki for the FAQ, HOWTOs and other useful information. Or contribute something that others might find useful.

Refer to the API documentation to integrate a bar code scanner with your project

Refer to the iPhone SDK documentation to integrate the reader with your iPhone app.

If you are looking for real-time support or discussion, try on #zbar over at freenode.net. NB if you don't get an immediate response, we're probably not available; hang out for a bit and we'll get back to you.

ZBar Consulting Services

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We offer flexible development services customized to your needs:

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