ZBar bar code reader

iPhone App

The ZBar Barcode Reader iPhone® App is a simple demonstration of the ZBar library on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 platforms. Using the app you can:

Please note that this app is just about the barcodes; specifically it is not a full featured "shopping app". We do not scrape the web for product or pricing information, perform localized searches or implement any of the other fancy features that you would expect to find in such an application.


Download the app on the iPhone App Store.


We have a tutorial on adding links to the app.

If you need support for the ZBar app or have a question/comment, please post in our iPhone App forum. (Developers, please use the iPhone Developer forum for development related discussions)

Quick FAQ

Why does it not work with my iPhone 3G?
The scanner requires barcode images that are (at least somewhat) in focus with sufficient resolution. The fixed focus camera on older iPhones cannot capture images that meet these requirements.
Can you make it so it does <my favorite barcode application/feature>?
Probably not. You may certainly propose your enhancement, but your best recourse is to either contribute the enhancement yourself, write your own app or find a developer willing to assist you with one of these.

iPhone Developers

Include the ZBar reader in your app!

ZBar iPhone SDK

The SDK is provided as a separate binary package. It includes the core library, Objective-C wrappers and a reader widget (used by the ZBar app), all licensed under v2.1 of the LGPL and ready to use with your project.

Refer to the SDK documentation to include the barcode reader in your app. A step-by-step tutorial and examples are also included.

Please read the FAQ before asking questions, especially regarding licensing.

The source code for the SDK is available with the rest of the library from the Mercurial repository.

ZBar app source

The full source for the ZBar app is available separately under the Apache License, version 2.0 (note that this is a completely different license than the LGPL used by the library). You may use this as a reference for your own applications, or contribute enhancements for a future release.

We do not provide packaged source code releases of the app. It is recommended that you clone the mercurial repository to obtain the code. You will also need the ZBar library sources, which are available separately (see above).

We welcome your enhancements and fixes to the app! Please attach your mercurial generated patch using the patch tracker (select the iPhone category).


To discuss iPhone development using ZBar or look for support, please post in our iPhone Developer forum.

Again, Please read the FAQ before asking questions.